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    “I recently had my house demolished by ReUse Salvage and was impressed with the process of recycling EVERYTHING of use in it. More importantly was the fact that the “salvage for recycle” process...

    - J. Rohl, Rohl Enterprises
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    Fact: Nearly 52% of our community landfill is building material waste.

    Fact: Every year nearly 300,000 buildings are demolished in the U.S.

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    Who We Are

    We’re An Environmentally Conscious Salvage De-­Construction & Demolition Company.

    We remove the useable materials in most structures prior to renovation and demolition, for the purpose of product reuse. Our demolition contracts contain a time frame for the De-­Construction operation to carefully remove products that can be reused in their present state, rather than sending that material to the landfill to be processed as recycle waste. The De-­ Construction service labor is free. The shell and remains of a structure is then crushed and sent to a partner recycle processing facility.

    On average, fifty to sixty percent of a building becomes reuse products, while some projects produce nearly eighty percent useable materials. The combination of reuse and recycle is nearly ninety percent of a structure. Environmental LEED recycle reports are provided for each project. It is estimated that nearly 300,000 buildings are traditionally demolished every year in the United States. Waste Management estimates that fifty six percent of our community landfill is building material waste produced by renovations and demolitions.

    Our contracts contain a salvage clause that states the contents and materials of the proposed project/structure, is property of ReUse Salvage.  When a client makes a decision to demolish a building using our services, the contents become a component of the contract.  Our demolition quotes may vary, based on the products we contract to deconstruct. The cost is usually the same price or less than traditional demolition contractors. If the original products are not present or destroyed the cost of the demolition price could increase prior to final demolition, once our proposal is accepted.

    ReUse Salvage sells the materials to the community to recoup the cost of labor and expenses used to remove the materials and fund our salvage operation. It provides first time homeowners, renovation property owners, landlords, business owners and tenants the opportunity to purchase quality products at a fraction of what they would pay at a building materials retail warehouse. The salvage operation also creates additional jobs in our community. As the salvage operation grows, it will provide skilled job training for new deconstruction employees and retail jobs in the warehouse salvage center.