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    “I recently had my house demolished by ReUse Salvage and was impressed with the process of recycling EVERYTHING of use in it. More importantly was the fact that the “salvage for recycle” process...

    - J. Rohl, Rohl Enterprises
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    Fact: Nearly 52% of our community landfill is building material waste.

    Fact: Every year nearly 300,000 buildings are demolished in the U.S.

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    Re-use Ideas & Tips

    Did you know that the construction of an average-size new home leaves about 8,000 pounds of waste behind, and much of that waste winds up in our landfills?

    Much of it is perfectly good as-is: spare building materials such as lumber or mis-fit windows and doors. For a remodeling project, the waste might even be more valuable: older decorative hardware,  light fixtures, solid wood cabinets, appliances, plumbing fixtures and ornate moldings or fireplace mantels.

    Builders, remodelers and homeowners are recognizing the value and environmental benefits of reusing building materials.  Often, these materials cost far less,  and come with more character than new materials.

    Next time you remodel or redecorate, why not consider using salvaged products such as decorative hardware, unique light fixtures, or ornate molding that can add a unique touch to your home.

    Here are a some helpful tips in your search for reusable supplies:

    Be flexible. Chances are you’re not going to find what you want in the right size and perfect color, especially if you’re in a hurry to get it. But you might find something you love and can use.

    Make a request. Describe what you’re looking for to salvagers and  shopkeepers, who can keep an eye out for similar pieces when they’re collecting  inventory.

    Buy local. Start your search online, but buy in person. Like any  building material, a photo of a salvaged item might differ slightly from the  physical piece in quality, texture or color. So unless you find a one-of-a-kind  heirloom piece you can’t get anywhere else, avoid buying from out-of-town  vendors. There’s no sense paying to have a secondhand toilet shipped to you when  you can pick one up from a salvage yard a few miles from home.

    Expect to pay. While you can snag materials headed for landfills for  free or nearly free, salvaged or recycled products don’t come without a price.  Even if you save considerably on the cost up front, you might have to pay extra  for labor if you need help working with older materials whose installation is  tricky or with pieces that need repairing. And plan on spending extra time  shopping, transporting, cleaning and refurbishing secondhand pieces.

    Measure twice, buy once. Lots of secondhand-building-materials stores post this caution because they don’t take returns. Save yourself the headache –  and the heartache — of hauling home a heavy, antique claw-foot tub to a  too-small bathroom.

    Consult your contractor… always.  If you’re buying anything structural or an  item that you’ll need help installing, let your contractor help you with the  purchase so you don’t wind up with something you can’t use. Ted Reiff, president of the Reuse People, a chain of non-profit stores that sell salvaged building materials, advises homeowners to get a professional opinion before purchasing  something that they’ll need a permit to install.

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